WoW! A Dog Swims 6 Miles To Get Back Home!

WoW! A Dog Swims 6 Miles To Get Back Home!


There are so many touching canine stories out there, and today we want to share one of them with you. It is amazing how the dog Rylee managed to go home after an accident in a lake. Read on his amazing story.

During a warm weekend, Edward and Kristin Cassas took their small family boat to Lake Michigan. With them was their Belgian Malinois Rylee. They were enjoying a nice, sunny day cruising around in the lake.

Belgian Malinois

At one point, when they were far into the water the boat stopped so Edward went to the engine room to check what was going on. Kristin had to steer and navigate through the lake while the engine got fixed.  After this moment, they could not see Rylee on the boat anymore. They thought the dog was unable to balance herself and fell in the water when the boat suddenly turned on.

Edward and Kristin started calling him, they went in circles in the water, but Rylee was nowhere to be seen. They got out of the lake and started searching and calling their dog from the shore, but with no success. Worried and sad, the spouses contacted a volunteer dog rescue group to help them find their dog.

moving dog story

However, their help was not needed. On the very next morning Rylee was spotted passing by a nearby camping, and later that day she went straight home to his family after swimming 6 miles through the lake and walking another 12 in the woods.

Dogs are the most loyal pets you have; they are capable of doing amazing things to help their owners or to find their way back home. We are impressed and touched by their stories, and we hope you are too.

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