Witness the cutest dog in the world and his battle with the...

Witness the cutest dog in the world and his battle with the humans. You will fall in love


We love our drooling fur balls no matter how disobedient they are. As long as they are cute we are under their command. One might think that he is the owner of a dog, but more often than not it’s proven to be the other way around. The same goes for this viral video that was post by the owner of internet sensation Dakota – the husky.

2It was a marvelous day for Dakota and his humans in the Dog Park. He played freely for hours, but at the end, as always, it was time to go home. “Stupid humans! They can’t appreciate the awesome time I’m having”, Dakota was probably thinking, as his owners started dragging her towards the car. But the wayward husky had other plans. It was not time to go… at least not yet. It was time for a showdown, time to make the humans understand once and for all who the real boss around here is. As they approached the car the dog laid down on the ground and started “arguing” with his humans over their unilaterally decision to leave the park and go to the boring place they call home.

The sad voice of the husky is really heartbreaking. When the owner says “Dakota, let’s go! It’s time to leave” you can almost hear the dog is whimpering “Just five more minutes, please”. With every new approach of the owners the whining e becomes stronger and stronger, as if Dakota is trying to yell “Come one, mom, just a bit longer. Everyone else is staying, why can’t we stay, just for five more minutes?”

When the female human asks her partner to pick up the dog, Dakota starts to whimper louder and stronger. Just like a 4 year old would do, Dakota starts kicking and “screaming”, trying to passively fight every attempt his owners make to take him of the ground. All he wants is to play a bit more in the park, how can these humans don’t understand this. Instead they laugh at their agony and we witness the cutest dog you’ll ever see in a scene that both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
Check this video and you are going to wish you had that dog instantly à

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