Which Are The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds?

Which Are The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds?


We have made a selection of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. However, it is important to start by saying that there are numerous factors which determine if a dog is dangerous or not. Most dog owners would probably deny most of these, but still, these are considered to be the most dangerous dogs.

alaskan malamute

Alaskan Malamute

This is a breed related to the Siberian husky. To train these dogs you need to practice with them daily because they get bored easily which makes them quite independent and sometimes dangerous. They  can reach 70 to 100kg and have a very strong bite and muscles. In Alaska, these dogs are used to pull sleighs. The Alaskan Malamute is famous for his independent nature. Training these dogs is a difficult task and having other animals or dogs around them is impossible.



These are very powerful dogs. They have well-developed instincts for protection. Many people are afraid of them because they look quite scary when they are angry. What makes Rottweilers aggressive is the lack of social training, which is very important for these strong dogs.

german shepherd

German shepherd

As the name suggests these dogs are coming from Germany. They are famous for being determined, fearless and very intelligent. These qualities make them a preferred breed for work  for the police and airport control services. German shepherds can be dangerous when it comes to their territory their owner or if they have not been trained properly.



This is by far the most dangerous breed for many people. There have been numerous accidents involving Pitbull dogs.This is because many owners are training the animals to be aggressive on purpose. Everybody has heard of the Pitbull fights which is why many people associate this breed with aggression.

caucasian shepherd

Caucasian shepherd

These dogs have been used to protect the cattle from the wolves in the Caucasian mountains. They are strong, brave and have a lot of willpower. But they can become quite dangerous if not trained properly. Mainly because they react to fast movements and can become aggressive.

As we already mentioned dogs of any breed can become dangerous if they are not trained properly or if their owners want them to be aggressive on purpose. Give your dog enough attention, care and love, take them out and let them socialise with other dogs and humans and they will be happy and will feel at ease.