Useful Tips on How to Take Care of Pugs

Useful Tips on How to Take Care of Pugs


Caring for a pug is a delight, but it can be a challenge at times too. Their big eyes will make you give them whatever they want, so you need to train yours and puppy’s discipline. Overall they are easy to take care of and have few special needs.

For all the pug lovers out there we have prepared a short list of tips on how to take care of your lovely pets.

  1. Start with training right away

Pugs learn most of their behaviour during the first 6 months of their lives, so if you want to keep your dog away from the sofa, you need to make it very clear. You can try short training sessions where you teach your pug to sit, stay or come, but you must be consistent. Pugs will not concentrate for long periods of time.

  1. Potty training

Your pug needs to pee very often, with the age their bladder functions will improve, but still, you need to potty train them well. If you see your pug coming behind the curtains or the sofa always make sure you check what they have been up to. You need to be firm and say No and then take them to the pottying place.

pug grooming

  1. Regular Grooming

With a pug at home, you need to be prepared to vacuum a lot. Regular bathing and brushing help the shedding of their coat and pugs enjoy bathing. They have sensitive skin, so you need to pick a soft shampoo, never use your own cosmetics on your dog. Make sure you put cotton balls in the ears of your pet, so that water stays away. Also, remember that pugs may love the bath but they cannot swim so, keep them away from the pool or the sea.

  1. Thorough cleaning

Pugs are cute with their face wrinkles, but they may collect dirt, so to prevent infections you need to clean them well. Use a cotton ball and dip it in warm water, then gently clean the folds. Do the same for the nose and the ears. If you see your pug scrubbing, or you sense a strong smell take them to the vet as these are some of the symptoms of infection.

pug eating

  1. Quality food

Get your pug only high-quality food suitable for the breed.  Your vet can help you choose among the variety of dog food brands. Pugs like to eat, so there is a risk for developing weight problems, so do not overfeed your pup. Consult your vet about the food quantity and how often you should feed them. You can get a medium-sized steel bowl for your pug’s meals.

Pugs are adorable, friendly and not so difficult to look after. Regardless if you are about to get a puppy or you already have one at home we hope our tips are helpful to take care of your pug in the best possible way.

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