Tips for Taking Your Dog To The Beach

Tips for Taking Your Dog To The Beach


The summer is coming and we are all very excited about it. If you are headed to the beach soon, we’ve got some tips for you and your dog.

What could be better than having your dog with you enjoying the waves and having a great time? A beach is a favourite place for many dogs, but there are some things you need to know before you even get there.

We want to spare you learning all this through trial and error during your summer vacation, so read on and get ready for a fun time on the beach with your pup.

  1. Protect from the Sun and the Heat

Don’t forget to apply a protection product on your dog’s paws before going to the beach. The hot sand can feel extremely uncomfortable. Make sure you provide some shade for both of you. If your dog is very active, this may lead to overheating in the sun, so you need a place to cool off. Of course, you should also have sunscreen for yourself and for your dog.  Your vet can recommend the best product to use. You need to apply it to your dog’s ears, nose, belly and groin areas. If your dog is shaved or with a light-colored coat they will need stronger sun protection.

dog friendly beach

  1. Is your dog a swimmer?

Not all dogs like the water and many of them cannot swim. When on the beach keep a close eye on your dog at all times and make sure you first take them to a quiet area with calm water to see their reaction. Whether your dog is a swimmer or not consider having a life vest prepared for them just in case. Even dog that swims well can benefit from a vest because they will be able to enjoy the water without getting tired too quickly.


  1. Stay Hydrated

You and your dog can get easily dehydrated on the beach, so pack plenty of fresh, cool water and a collapsible bowl. The sea water is salty and can be harmful, so make sure you always have fresh water with you.


  1. Rinse your dog regularly

If your dog likes to dig in the sand, make sure you have a bottle of water to rinse their face off now and then. You can also use a thin, wet towel to wipe the sand away from their eyes and nose. Give your dog a bath each time you come back from the beach. Use a natural shampoo to remove all the salt and sand. This is especially important for dogs with sensitive skin. Wash and brush your dog to remove all the excess sand from their coat. Always clean the ears thoroughly after swimming or bathing because some dogs are prone to ear infections. It is a good idea to consult your vet about an ear cleaning routine before you go on a vacation.  You should always remove the excess moisture in the ear to prevent infections.

dog playing on the beach

  1. Don’t forget the toys


Take your dog’s favourite toys with you. Frisbees, balls and everything else your dog enjoys. Spend some time playing together in the sun, this will be a great memory to keep you warm when the summer is over.

The best tip we have for you and your dog is to enjoy the time together on the beach. Pick a dog-friendly beach and make the most of your vacation. Most dogs love it and will be happy to run free and play until they are exhausted. Make sure you take regular breaks to hang out and relax.

Are you taking your dog to the beach this summer? We would love to see your vacation pictures so go ahead and share them with the dog community on our Facebook page!


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