These are the Friendliest Dog Breeds

These are the Friendliest Dog Breeds


Finding a loyal companion and a good friend is not an easy task, both when we talk about humans and pets. Dogs have their own personality, some are very energetic, others love their own space and are quite independent. If you have any allergies you must take them into consideration when looking for a pet, the same goes for your home. Some dogs are happy in small apartments, others need a yard. As you see the search may be long and difficult.

To make your choice easier we have selected the friendliest dog breeds popular in America. Join the conversation on our Facebook page and share what breed is your dog and what is their personality?


  1. Labrador

This is by far the most popular dog breed in the US. These dogs are very friendly, loyal, smart and kind, they really make for the perfect four-legged companion.

golden retriever

  1. Golden Retriever

This comes as no surprise. The Goldens are also one of the most popular breeds very much loved by many Americans. These sweet dogs are kind and intelligent, you can train them easily and they quickly become a member of your family.


  1. Bulldog

The Bulldogs are famous with their adorable wrinkles and cute faces. They are medium-sized dogs who are kind with kids and are sweet with strangers.


  1. Beagle

These mid-sized dogs are talented and very smart, they are great with kids, have multiple talents and can quickly learn new skills. They love spending time outdoors.


  1. Boxer

These dogs are a German breed famous for their cheerful and friendly character. These dogs are ideal for people prone to allergies, plus they are very low-maintenance.

siberian husky

  1. Husky

This is a Siberian breed which is used even nowadays to haul cargo long distances across the tundra.  These dogs have beautiful fur with unique marking and their faces are just so adorable. Most of them also have light, pretty eyes. They are sweet and friendly, which makes them great pets.

shih tzu

  1. Shih Tzu

This little dog is known for its beautiful coat and cheerful, friendly personality. They require maintenance and regular grooming. They will not only protect your home but also will love and appreciate you.


  1. Corgi

The Corgi is an affectionate, loving and cheerful dog. These puppies are adorable! They are very friendly with other pets and children.

If you are looking for a best friend these dogs are exactly what you need. They are pretty and cute, and they will always be by your side.




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