The Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

The Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds


Whether sitting by your side every day, protecting your home and family or just being your best friend, all dogs are loyal companions. Some of them are ready to risk their lives to save you; others become aggressive while protecting you from strangers if not properly trained. We read stories of brave and selfless dogs every day, and they touch us deeply because we believe that our canine friends are intelligent, strong and loyal.

However, there are 10 breeds which stand out from the rest when it comes to loyalty, and we have listed them below.  Read on and share with us if you are a proud owner of one of these amazing dogs.

boxer dog

 Boxer – Regardless their size and appearance these dogs are gentle and loyal. They are calm, obedient, smart and active. They are also great with children.

st bernard

 St. Bernard- These massive, fluffy dogs are used to rescue people in the snow, especially in the Swiss Alps. These dogs risk their lives to save hikers caught in an avalanche. They can be quite messy with their huge body and long hair.

german shepherd

 German Shepherd – Very intelligent, loyal and sensitive dogs, they are used as policy and military assistants. It is easy to train, a German Shepherd and they are a great guard dog.


Doberman – These are medium to large dogs, who need good exercise and proper socialisation. They have long been used as guard dogs and are known to be loyal.


Golden Retriever – America loves these dogs because they are not only adorable but also very loyal and friendly. The Goldens are used as therapy dogs, guide dogs for blind people and one of the best dog breeds to have around children. They are obedient, intelligent and gentle, but they have long hair which is prone to shedding.


 Collie – We cannot skip the Lassie dog, which is highly intelligent and loyal. These dogs are athletic, and exercise keeps them happy, very kind and never aggressive they have long hair, and the breed comes in many colours.


Yorkshire Terrier – These small dogs are very loyal and affectionate. They are also a great companion. Although they are not good watchdogs, they have a very solid bond with their family.

bull terrier

 American Staffordshire Terrier – This is a strong and active, short hair dog with loving and loyal character. They are similar to pit bulls and are known to be good with children.

pyreneese dog

 Great PyreneesThis massive dog is used for therapy and as a rescue dog. It was bred to guard sheep and is known to protect his loved ones with his life.


Akita – These dogs come from Japan and have been the guard dogs of the royalty. They look tough but are gentle and friendly. These are hunting dogs, so they need to be socialised and trained from an early age.

You can see that regardless of the size, there are both small and large dog breeds which are loyal companions and good friends. If you are choosing a dog, it is crucial to consider some factors like how much time you can spend with them training and exercise, how much space you have to offer and what is your lifestyle like.

Hi, I am Melissa. I love dogs and have three fur babies myself. I also have a passion for writing, so writing about dogs combines the two things I love most. I hope you enjoy my content as much as I enjoyed creating it for all of you fellow dog lovers!