Situations in Which Your Dog is the Best Wingman!

Situations in Which Your Dog is the Best Wingman!


Our dogs are the best wingmen and women we can wish for. Our pets are a great help when it comes to meeting new people, making friends and even finding business partners. Dogs can also help you meet the man/woman of your dreams!
No matter who or what you are looking for your dog is there to attract the good people and things in your life. That is because no one loves you like they do. They attract magic with their devotion and cute faces.

at the bar
Here are some situations in which dogs can be the best wingmen/women you could wish for.
1. Going for a walk
There are so many reasons why going out for a walk with your dog is great. It helps you bond with your pet, it is beneficial for your physique and it is also one of the best ways to meet new people. Having a dog by your side will make approaching strangers much easier. Just tell them their dog is cute and introduce yourself. If you like being active with your dog, this is great, because it keeps you fit and that can be very beneficial for dating. You are simply bound to meet new people at the dog park and the best part is that you already have a common interest with them. You have dogs!
2. Visiting the vet
Every time you visit the vet there is a chance you will meet fellow dog owners taking their dogs for a check up. And your dog will love to make new friends, why don’t you use the time at the waiting room to meet new people too.


3. At a dog-friendly bar
Take your dog to a dog-friendly coffee shop or a bar and before you know it you will have many like-minded people around you. So if you are not good at meeting new people the dog-friendly bars and restaurants are perfect to break the ice easily.
4. Dogs are a magnet for girls
If you are a man and you love dogs, but you are single and want to meet nice girls, then your dog is surely the best wingman/woman. In fact, they are a magnet for the girls, so do not hesitate and take your pup for a walk around the block. Plus, having a dog means you will meet people who also have dogs, so instantly you will have something to talk about. Wouldn’t that be great?dogs and people

5. Your dog will always be there even if someone breaks your heart
Your dog loves you unconditionally. They will not judge your choice of flowers, gifts or restaurants. Besides, they will be there to comfort you even if someone breaks your heart.
With such a great friend and companion you have nothing to lose, what you need to do is just get out there and meet some great people!

Hi, I am Melissa. I love dogs and have three fur babies myself. I also have a passion for writing, so writing about dogs combines the two things I love most. I hope you enjoy my content as much as I enjoyed creating it for all of you fellow dog lovers!