The Most Beautiful Female Lawbreakers

The Most Beautiful Female Lawbreakers


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word “Prison”? It’s not something wonderful I suppose. When I think of prison I see some harden criminals, with blood on their hands and the horror of their victims caught forever in their eyes. Imagine how a cellmate of such person might feel.

How about the looks – what do you imagine a prisoner looks like? I Bet you always visualize a scared face, a muscular body full of tattoos and scars from knife fights. And if you believe Hollywood that would be exactly true. This perception of a prisoner comes from our thinking that a beautiful person can’t commit an ugly crime. Beauty equals good, ugliness equals bad. It’s the same with food. If something looks nice on the outside, we suppose it’s delicious, no matter what they’ve put in it. On the other hand we perceive the bad looking food as disgusting to say the least. That’s why the greatest chefs in the world are uncompromising about how their food is going to be presented. But I digress

Talking about prisoners we always forget that some of the inmates are actually non-violent criminals. There are hundreds of ways to get behind bars and most of the prison population has never harmed another human being. This is more than true for the United States, where the number of jailbirds is the highest in the world. We are not saying that those people don’t deserve to be in jail, but surely they must not be compared with the hardened criminals, murderers, rapists and so on. Most of all this perception of the criminals is not helping them to get reintegrated in our society, which causes them to repeat their crime.

Let’s talk about the looks- do you imagine those kind of criminals as ugly as the rest of them? If you still do, well you should check out our gallery and see that some prisoners are not just not ugly, but outstandingly beautiful.

Miss El Paso 2008 Lorena Tavera was arrested for shoplifting. She tried to steal a shirt in El Paso.

Gabrielle Hill is arrested for illegal drugs in Hillsborough, Florida.

Meagan Simmons became famous thanks to her mugshot. Her crime is Driving Under the Influence. She was caught in Florida in 2010.

Famous people also can not avoid the long arm of the law. The adult film star Tori Black has been arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas in 2012.

Jennifer Jensen was arrested for DUI. She has thousands of fens now. We are not wondering why.

Alysa Bathrick was about 18 when she was caught to sell Xanax on the street. She also tried to steal something from the local shop.

24-year-old Sarah Seawright was arrested in 2012 for robbery, kidnapping, battery and reckless driving.

Toni Lee Hopkins was arrested for working as a stripper in a night club.

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