Meet Maya,The Happiest Husky In A Wheelchair!

Meet Maya,The Happiest Husky In A Wheelchair!


Maya looks like a normal husky, well taken care of and loved. But there is something about her that makes her special. This beautiful dog from Thailand was born with a malformation in her back legs. Because of this, she couldn’t move on her own.

husky without paws

To move and play outside Maya needed a special wheelchair. Despite her fate, she is always happy and cheerful, because there is someone who loves her and takes care of her. This is her owner Kite, who says that Maya is the happiest dog in a wheelchair in the world.

Kite and Maya met when the dog was still a small puppy. She was abandoned at a dog shelter because of her disability. Maya could not walk or even stand. Most of the people who came to the shelter wanted a healthy dog and never even looked at the beautiful Siberian Husky laying in the corner.

But Maya’s lucky day came when Kite read the story of a disable husky online and found the shelter. She fell in love with the small, fur ball and decided that this would be her best friend and companion.

disabled husky

“In the beginning, it was hard to take care of Maya because there was quite a lot to do. She needed attention and care. But If I had the chance to turn back the time, I would have done exactly the same thing.” says Kite

Pictures: Boredpanda


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