How To Make your Home Ready For a New Puppy

How To Make your Home Ready For a New Puppy


It is the right time to gear up your home for getting a new puppy. Your puppy is not familiar with your home. That is why as a smart human you have to make your home ready for a pup. You have to change your home a little bit to accommodate the new member.

If you are confused and do not know what exactly you need to change in your home so that the puppy feels happy, do not worry we are going to give you some useful tips on that.

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Making your Home Ready For a puppy” literally means making your home safe for both you and your Dog.  Anything dangerous for your dog or anything that could be destroyed by the dog, you should keep away. It is your job to save your dog and your home.

When you are getting the puppy into the home, first you have to ensure that all other family members agree. If just one member of your family dislikes the puppy, then the house is not a good place for the little dog. So family members need to welcome the puppy into the home with love and affection.

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Make a list of words you may use to talk to your dog. Now share the list with your family members. It will help the pup from falling into confusion. This is important because the dog will then get the same word for every action and will not get confused.

Make sure you got all the essential elements. Example: Food bowl, Drinker, collar, leads, grooming tools, bed, etc.

Hey, Don’t forget to buy Toys For you Puppy. Because toys are an essential thing to save your dog from boredom. Puppies like to play around with toys.

My little puppy Hopium used  to bite my sandals and tear them. Hopium did it every day. So be careful, don’t scatter your slippers on the floor or don’t keep them at the door. You must keep your sandals on a shoe rake. Otherwise, your new puppy may end up using them as a toy. And rip them while playing.

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You can create a puppy-proof place and clean it very well. Get rid of  wires or any other things the pup may chew, remove home decorations or anything the dog can break, chew or scratch.

Remember that puppies will chew anything, electrical cables are not an exception. Make certain they are unreachable for your puppy.

Put all dangerous substances away. Including cleaning products, medications, vitamins, plants, litter boxes, cigarettes and tobacco products, garbage, and other things that the pup may try to eat.

 Buy equipment for toilet training. Even if you are taking your dog outdoors, it is also smart to prepare a spot for them to relieve themselves inside in situation of emergency. Puppy pads are helpful – they are just like a large flat, absorbent cloth that you could just discard.

You may also use newspaper, but it is slightly less absorbent, so there’s more significant chance that you will have to clean up afterwards.

It is also smart to get  a disposable kitchen towel, and a few disinfectant sprays  to clean up messes.

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Some trainers also recommend getting a timer and setting it to go out every 30 minutes. Then, each time the timer beeps, bring your puppy out for a toilet break.

Provide your puppy with something to chew. Young puppies need to chew, so always provide something appropriate for the puppy to munch on. Make certain that you select your puppy’s chew toys carefully because many toys are not safe to use without supervision. In case your puppy eats an opening inside a toy and swallows some plastic, this may lead to significant bowel problems.

Make sure the toy is big enough so that it can not be swallowed. If you are hesitating between toys, always choose the bigger one.

Let your new pup in several rooms of the house. Every day the choices may range from the kitchen, laundry room, or living room. This enables your pup to explore the living space easily and to be safe. Additionally, it will be easier to keep an eye on the pup and clean after him.

If you let your dog wander the home, the puppy may get overwhelmed and confused with the new scents and sounds. It is best to be able to watch over your dog during the first few weeks and get used to their schedule of toilet needs, eating and drinking.

And finally, buy the best puppy food for your new pup. When you get the puppy into the home, your first work is feeding the animal. The puppy needs premium Food with high-level of proteins and nutrition. Also get food that your puppy will be able to eat easily. Small pieces are the best.

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