Hilarious Photos of Dogs Catching Treats in Mid-Air

Hilarious Photos of Dogs Catching Treats in Mid-Air


There are many artists and photographers who are inspired by dogs. One of our personal favoritesĀ is the German photographer and journalist Christian Vieler. Dogs have been the focus of his work since 2012. And we are admiring his work published online.

In one of his projects, the photographer captures the precise moment right before a dog catches or misses a treat thrown in the air. The expressions of these dogs range from confusion to happiness, but they are all just hilarious.

Christian Vieler has captured just the right moment when the dog looks as funny and cute as possible. The faces of these dogs tell us the story of their joy and excitement, but we would not be able to see them in such precision without the power of the photo camera.

It is surely not easy to capture moments like these, so let’s enjoy them to the fullest.

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