DeeJay’s Story

DeeJay’s Story


Welcome to the Fetch Them All Doggy Family DeeJay, Bella and mommy Tracyi!

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Hello (Woof),

My name is DeeJay, I’m a Yorkshire Terrier I lived in the streets of Texas for quite sometime. Finding food & water was a task everyday for me. I really don’t remember how I ended up on the streets but, I guess things happen for a reason, because had I not been on the streets I never would have met my mommy Tracyi & have a big sister Bella. She rescued me from underneath a truck. I was scared, lonely, dirty, and hungry. I don’t know how she spot little ole me while driving her bus, but I’m glad she did. We moved from Texas to mommy hometown and I love it here it’s peaceful, quite, and I get to smell diffrent things here. My mommy spoils me with love, and attention I just can’t get enough. Shortly after us moving to Maryland my mommy adopted a Great Dane name Bella my older & much bigger sister. It took me a while to get use to sharing my mommy but now we play and we go everywhere with mommy. I’m so happy here, and love my big family… My sister & I go to the vet regularly, we get our teeth cleaned, have all our shots, and go everywhere together even out of town. I came a long ways from the streets of Texas. Here’s my story, started out sad but have a Happy Happy ending.. 
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Tracyi J.

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