Curious Facts About The Poodles

Curious Facts About The Poodles


Everyone knows how poodles look like. In contrast with some other small dog breeds, they are always friendly and charming. Regardless of the type and color, these dogs have very good character and are great friends and companions.

cute poodle

Here are some interesting facts about the poodles which are good to know:

  1. Poodles are like mermaids, they love water. They like to swim and even fish if they are in a pond or a river. Actually, their name comes from German and is related to the word puddles.
  2. Poodles are adorable, but they are not meant to be pets. They have been used for hunting because they are quite tough.
  3. Poodles are a mix between a Portuguese water dog and a North African barbet, but they are actually an ancient French breed.

types of poodles

  1. There are four main types of poodles, which look very much alike. The difference is in their weight and size. There are mini-poodles who weigh less than 5 kg and King Poodles who can reach up to 30 kg. They can grow between 30 and 60 cm in height.
  2. Poodles are colored in a single color. The color of their nose depends on that of the body.

dog hairstyles

  1. As the French are always in following the fashion trends they want their dogs to be stylish too. These dogs are often taken to the hairdresser and their owners come up with various hairstyles. But this is not solely for the purpose of aesthetics. Some poodles actually need to get a haircut regularly because at some point they cannot see well, because of their long hair.
  2. Most poodles have long and curly hair, but some can have straight hair too. After a haircut, the dogs get so self-confident with their new look that keeps their heads high when walking.

If you are a poodle owner, we would love to know more about these adorable dogs. Share your thoughts on this breed in the comments below.




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