Are You Sure Dogs Don’t Like Flowers?

Are You Sure Dogs Don’t Like Flowers?


After a long and cold winter, many of us are eagerly waiting for Spring. What do we associate with this season? Warmer weather, nature is reviving, and there are many nice flowers blossoming and filling the air with beautiful aroma.

Who does not like these tender, colourful blossoms? For people, flowers have become a desirable gift when we want to show love, care, and respect. We can appreciate their beauty, and that is why we put so much effort into growing them in our gardens or homes.

But what do our dogs think about flowers? Do they appreciate the aroma and vibrant colors of various flowers?  Many of us think that dogs don’t care and the only way they use our flowers is to mark territory.

Those of you who have flowers and dogs, know that these two do not mix very well. And we all know that fun loving animals like dogs are not compatible with any plant that dislikes being broken off, slept on, dug up, or peed on.

Still, these photos will give us a new point of view on dogs and flowers. We want to welcome spring with this cute and funny collection of photos and celebrate the beauty of the season with all its lovely colours and aromas.

Take a look and tell us how your dog reacts to flowers and are they excited to welcome spring as much as we all are?


puppy with a flower


dog smelling flowers


smelling the flowers








golden and flowers


dog and tulips


dogs and flowers



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