5 Easy Tricks to Teach Any Dog

5 Easy Tricks to Teach Any Dog


With the right techniques and a proper amount of practice, you can teach any dog to do cool tricks. Teaching and training your dog is a great way to bond.

We have selected some simple techniques to help your dog learn basic tricks.


You may receive lots of those on a daily basis, but you can also teach your dog to give them on command. In this video, you will see the training process and how to teach your dog step by step to give sweet kisses.

2. Bark

This trick requires some extra patience and it is one of the tougher tricks to teach your dog. You should wait until your dog barks himself first and then reward them. Remember, it will not happen right away. You need to be patient and persistent. If you can master the barking on command, it is a great trick which will definitely impress everybody around.

 3. Shake hand

This is a cute trick that your pup can learn. It is simple and easy to teach. Your dog already naturally puts their paw at you when they want to attract your attention. Present them with some treats hidden in your fist and they will be compelled to paw at your fist, once they do that tell them to “shake” and after you repeat it several times, your dog will learn the trick.

4. Fetch

This is a game many dogs know, but it does not come naturally. It can even get quite frustrating if your dog does not want to play. Some dogs do not like the toy you are using, they will go fetch it, but will not bring it back or they will bring it, but will not let go. You need to get your dog interested in the fetch game in the first place, and then actually learn how to play it properly.

We hope we have helped you spend some fun time with your dog and teach them some cool tricks to impress your family and friends.



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