12 Reasons Why My Dog is My Perfect Valentine!

12 Reasons Why My Dog is My Perfect Valentine!


Valentine’s Day is special because we can stop and show to our loved ones our love and affection. We need to choose a Valentine and do whatever it takes to make this someone feel special and loved. But who says that our Valentine has to be human? What if we are “in love” and obsessed with our four-legged fur baby?

Let’s remind us again why we love our dogs so much and why they are actually the perfect Valentine we have always wanted.

  1. My dog is intelligent and funfunny
  2. My dog never gets tired of listening to medog-headphones
  3. My dog never leaves the toilet seat uptoilet
  4. My dog never complains about my cookingdog-eats
  5. My dogs wants us always to be togetherdog in wc
  6. My dog is always in the mood to cuddlecuddling-dogs
  7. My dog is always happy to see me, no matter how hard the day washappy-to-see-me
  8. My dog enjoys long walkswalks
  9. My dog gives me giftsgift
  10. My dog keeps me warm at night and never steals the coversdog in bed
  11. My dog doesn’t fight with me about what show we should watch on TVtv-for-dogs
  12. My dog gives me unconditional love

yellow dog paw and human hand shaking friendship

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