Dogs Who Think They Are Humans

Dogs Who Think They Are Humans


As dog lovers we know that sometimes our dogs think they are humans. And there is nothing wrong about laughing at their hilarious behaviour and how sure they are they can “drive” the car or “read” a book. We have all seen our dogs staring at the TV or doing some other things just like us.

We have created this funny collection of some dogs who are pretty sure they are humans. Check them out and share your dogs moments of acting like a human!

  1. Chillin with the guyschilling-with-the-guys
  2. Meet my twin brothertwins
  3. This is what I do on Sundaysthis-is-what-i-do-on-sundays4. Nothing to watch on TV tonightnothing-interesting-on-tv-tonight

5. At last a moment to enjoy my bookmy-book

6. Let’s playlets-play

7. I can drop you off somewheredriving

8. Leave the grass to me


9. Let me enjoy a glass of wine


10. Don’t bother me while I am reading the news


11. I need to finish something on my laptopgeeky-me

12. Relaxing on the beachon-the-beach

13. I love my sportsloveing-sports

14. I’m a girl, I cannot parkparking-is-not-my-strength

Hi, I am Melissa. I love dogs and have three fur babies myself. I also have a passion for writing, so writing about dogs combines the two things I love most. I hope you enjoy my content as much as I enjoyed creating it for all of you fellow dog lovers!