A Story of Unconditional Love and Loyalty

A Story of Unconditional Love and Loyalty


In this post, we will tell you the story of Burke the Teacup Great Dane, who followed his owner to the emergency room after an accident.

Jeff and Burke. Credit: Jeffrey Groat

After a drunk driver crashed into the home of Jeffrey Groat injuring him and two other people they were immediately taken to the emergency room. Burke, Jeffrey’s Teacup Great Dane was also in the house but in another space.

He must have escaped through the opening in the house created by the crash because Burke was spotted near the emergency room days later. He must have been there since the day of the accident.

When Jeffrey felt better he started asking about what happened to his dog. He was in the house together with him when the accident happened. The fact that nobody told him anything about his dog made him feel sad and worried.


Days later, Burke was found close to the emergency room by a resident of the town, who saw the picture in the newspaper and recognized the dog. Jeffrey’s friends believe the dog has been there all the time waiting for his owner. Jeff’s family and friends were relieved to find Burke and organized a surprise reunion with his owner.

They asked the nurse to tell Jeff she was going to take him outside for some fresh air. Then his friends brought along Burke. The dog was so excited to see his owner that he wanted to jump on him right away. Jeff was equally happy and grateful that he was seeing his beloved canine friend again.

The unconditionalĀ love and loyalty of dogs like Burke are deeply moving and humbling. When we come across a story like this we often think that it is true that our dogs are probably the only creatures that love us more than themselves.

If you have a story of canine love and loyalty you want to share with our dog lovers community we would love to read it in the comments below.


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