12 Of The Cutest Small Breeds on The Planet

12 Of The Cutest Small Breeds on The Planet


These tiny, furry dogs that can’t wait to cuddle with you are undeniably adorable!

Pocket-size pooches may not get as much attention as some of the bigger breeds do, but ask any small dog owner, and they’ll tell you — the smaller the dog, the bigger the personality. Big things come in small packages, and the American Kennel Club tends to agree.

The Labrador retriever was (unsurprisingly) named the most popular dog in 2015, with plenty of smaller breeds nipping at its heels. Some of the AKC’s most popular little breeds included Pomeranians, Yorkies and Boston terriers, and we’ve got a soft spot for quirky pups like the cockapoo — all of which you’ll see on our list. Because size doesn’t matter, here are some of the world’s most adorable small dog breeds.

yorkshire terrier

1. Yorkshire terrier

Lovingly referred to as the “Yorkie,” the Yorkshire terrier is the ultimate cutie in small breeds. Not only are they tiny, some are even “teacup”! Adorable for dress-up or play, the Yorkshire terrier is a small breed with a big personality and perfect as a companion on the go. Yorkies have been a “fashionable” pet since the late Victorian era.


2. Papillon

Another breed that makes an excellent companion, the papillon is a loyal and loving friend. Great with kids and families, this pint-size pup makes an excellent watchdog. Calm but alert, it is extremely protective of its master. A papillon’s most distinctive feature is its large butterfly ears.


3. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Not only is the Cavalier King Charles spaniel adorable, but it loves to cuddle, too! A member of the toy group, this pup is gentle and extremely caring of its family. These dogs are considered to be very elegant, possibly the reason Charlotte York from Sex and the City had one. One of the most popular in small breeds, it’s a dog worthy of all of your love.

brussels griffon

4. Brussels griffon

Some may think that the Brussels griffon isn’t the most attractive dog on the planet, but it sure is cute. A bit awkward looking, Brussels griffons are smart, adaptable and cat-friendly. What they lack in appearance they make up for with their ability to perform a variety of tricks. Not great with kids, it’ll make a single owner a very happy one.

boston terrier

5. Boston terrier

Just like the natives of the city it was named after, the Boston terrier is one loyal breed. It loves people, kids, cats and other dogs alike and is extremely adaptable. One of the most popular small breeds, the Boston terrier is one tiny pup that dog lovers like to have around.

shih tzu

6. Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu’s cuteness matches its vibrant and spunky personality. A breed known for its luxurious coat and adorable appearance, the Shih Tzu needs a lot of grooming to keep it looking good, including daily brushing. Another popular breed, this dog makes a great companion for adults and older children.


7. Bichon frise

It’s cute, its white and it’s super-fluffy: The bichon frise is the epitome of cuteness. A feisty breed, this little guy loves to play with its beloved owner. Despite the fact that it looks just like a child’s toy, the bichon frise is not actually classified as a toy breed but rather one of the non-sporting group. A super-cuddlebug, the bichon frise is also very affectionate and loving toward adults and other furred friends.


8. Pomeranian

Another fluff ball to love up to, the Pomeranian is a compact puppy of Nordic descent. Smart and curious, this is a soft and lively breed. Excellent as a show dog, the Pomeranian is easily trained due to its incredible intelligence. Not very good with kids, this dog does amazingly well with cats.

scottish terrier

9. Scottish terrier

There’s a reason we see the Scottish terrier adorning sweaters and holiday gear — it’s super-adorable! Their thick eyebrows and stout build make them resemble old men, in the most charming way. With more than just cute looks, the Scottish terrier makes a wonderful watchdog. Witty and hypoallergenic, it’s another small dog breed best suited for adults and older children.

10. Cockapoo

A designer breed, the cockapoo is a mix of the English cocker spaniel and the poodle. Small and cute, this breed hits every mark for a great dog. A cockapoo will never leave your side, as it loves to show affection and follow its owner. Good with kids and other animals, the cockapoo is intelligent and adaptable.


11. Pekingese

A member of both the toy and companion groups, the Pekingese is a charming and delightful dog to be around. An intelligent pooch, it’s a watchdog that prefers adults and kitty friends. These pups are usually between 7 and 14 pounds, yet they are mighty and quick to defend themselves. With a lot of fur, the Pekingese’s luxurious coat requires regular grooming.


12. Maltese

The Maltese is a breed that loves to shower its owner with affection. Lively and energetic, this breed also enjoys playing with its adult owner and fur-covered friends. The Maltese loves its owner so much, however, that it often suffers from separation anxiety when left alone too long. Covered with white, fluffy fur of its own, the Maltese requires daily brushing.

Source: sheknows, by Jana Randall

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